About Us

With its roots in traditional Yoruba music from the West African region, the Agogo bell is used to announce the arrival of dignitary or bring together the congregation.

We view it as a call to action to develop unique and successful marketing campaigns for our individual clients.

Our Mission

Every client and project is unique, and we deliver custom solutions for their specific needs. As mobile continues to be a major player for today’s connected consumer, it has become even more critical for companies to be able to address this audience in a cost-effective, timely and results-driven approach.

Whatever term you use, hyperlocal or proximity marketing, the outcome should be the same and that is to ensure local customers have access to your services at the right time.

Because we are small and truly love what we do, we can take the time to listen to your requirements and produce the ideal solution. We want to build lasting relationships with our clients and help them grow and come to value us as their strategic partner.

How does Agogo work?


Mashood Oshodi

With his roots in Operations and Technical Support, Mashood always believed in Mobile, and had the vision to bring Agogo Interactive to life.

During his tenure at Razorfish (including its acquisition by Microsoft), Mashood played a prominent role in supporting the key project groups for their transition to Publicis. This experience has supplied him with the skills to oversee production, monitor quality assurance and ensure the safety of Agogo’s client data and intellectual property. A graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology, Mashood has a BS in Computer Information Systems.

He is concluding his Masters of Management and Systems degree in Database technologies at NYU.