Hyper Local Marketing

The local marketplace is undergoing a revolution. Gone are the days of flicking through consumer directories, replaced by the dawn of location-enabled smartphones. Consumers have grown to accept this new medium and have embraced this interactive way to satisfy their needs on a truly personal level.

Consumers look at competitor sites

But a greater percentage look at search engine results and the retailer’s site/app.42cirof in-store consumers conduct research online while in stores using:


What it is

Don't miss your potential clients

Simply put, making your product or service available to a specific lifestyle sector or locality. With 166 million users accounting for 68.8% mobile market penetration (comScore, March 2014 US Smartphone Subscribers Market Share), ignoring this audience could have disastrous consequences.

As mobile continues to revolutionize the way people interact, we take the proven success of online marketing and tailor it to the mobile user.

What we do

Hyperlocal advertising allows brand to accurately source and interact with their target audience by identifying the ideal venue that these prospects frequent. This could be a business, educational or entertainment establishment, and allows the seller to create a customized message to engage that particular customer profile. When done correctly, this can be a cost-effective means to grow your brand and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Bring your brand to the attention of those who need it most

Deliver information that is timely, relevant and desired

Communicate with customers in their preferred and most convenient medium

Measure and optimize your campaign performance in real-time

Why you
need it


Hyperlocal advertising is immediate and local, and can generate 40% more qualified leads. With customized content for the mobile device, we can help you increase your audience engagement and interactivity to drive product sales.


1. Locate

  • Define, locate and refine your ideal customer profile
  • Venue can be business, commercial, educational or pleasure
  • Targeted messaging for increased user engagement
  • Deliver a positive brand experience


2. Engage

  • Intelligent filtering for enhanced and relevant outreach
  • Variables include time, day, venue type and demographics
  • Geo-Grid TM offers enhanced granularity for tailored messaging
  • Easily manage and monitor performance of individual locations


3. Perform

  • Brands empowered with valuable insights for campaign optimization
  • Real-time metrics to identify and modify campaign elements
  • Increased likelihood of positive ROI for marketing spend
  • Offers innovative approach to mobile marketing and retargeting capabilities