Agogo means local

Rather than wasting your efforts targeting everyone, why not just focus on those individuals who have a real need for your product? We can help you identify those consumers in your direct vicinity and entice them with relevant and timely offers to increase your store traffic and generate sales.

Consumers prefer stores that offer personalization

Shoppers would be more likely to shop in stores that offer:


What it is

Pop up alerts for the closest pedestrians
Beacons are used to emit a Bluetooth signal to consumers’ mobile phones when they are in the vicinity of your store, which can help to drive foot traffic and engage your customers. These devices allow for optimized marketing precision and can target customers within a 320 feet radius of your location. Simply deliver push notifications or location-based messages to entice prospects into your facility.

Our Mission is Simple

To deliver actionable marketing campaigns for our clients.

Mobile Wallets allow brands to engage with their target audience and build customer loyalty. Once inside the store’s proximity, Beacons (using Bluetooth technology) trigger timely and incentivized messaging to the user’s smartphone. Over time, more personalized and targeted messaging can be sent based on their previous actions. This can improve user engagement and connect your offline and online presence.


At the Entice stage, the consumer receives a teaser message from the brand’s Beacon
  • This active engagement increases the likelihood of a future purchase.
  • Users can review the information and then add the coupon to their device’s wallet app.
  • Bluetooth must be turned ON within settings to receive notifications.

Inform stage messaging is more targeted as users are in-store and ready to engage with your brand
  • Beacons can effectively target your customers with interesting and relevant information.
  • Once inside the store, users can capture further discounts or offers.
  • QR codes are a great tool offering mobile users access to immediate or future coupon redemption.
  • These interactions show your brand in a positive and favorable light. 

Getting users to the Signup stage shows their motivation to make a purchase
A locked-screen message can be used to drive store traffic, even if the app is inactive on the mobile device redemption.

The Mobile Wallet app is an easy reminder of the discounts they can receive at your store
  • Product information may be delivered relevant to the user’s purchasing activity.
  • Including the item, price and expiry date will prompt them to make an early redemption.
  • This app serves as a constant reminder of your brand’s offerings.

The convenience of the wallet app is an easy reminder of the discounts they can receive at your store
  • Every time the user visits their wallet app, they are reminded of the benefits they could receive from your brand.
  • Including the item, price and expiry date will prompt them to redeem the coupon sooner rather than later.

The Transact phase is when the user is ready to make a purchase
  • At checkout, the user simply shows the sales assistant their coupon to scan and receive their discount.
  • The interaction is recorded to the customer’s shopping history with your brand.

Retarget messaging is then used to suggest similar or complementary products
  • The Wallet app can also offer special privileges to your most loyal customers.
  • This is a great way to build a relationship with your customers and extend their lifetime value to your brand.

Why you need it

Cell phones become wallets with coupons

Your customers will have access to a mobile wallet (via a third party API like Apple Pay, Stripe, PayPal or Square) where they can use coupons and special offers, plus store their receipts and loyalty card data. Proximity-based marketing can help companies generate new business, develop loyalty programs and improve their engagement efforts.